I have often heard people talk about themselves and say, “My academic life is fine, my social life is bubbling, my financial life needs improvement, my professional life is progressing, and my spiritual life is…” It has been said by a lot of people, and it is universally accepted that the unseen influences the seen, the mind influences the actions, and the spiritual influences the physical. How people can then separate the spiritual from every other aspect of their lives, and put it in a separate aspect, when it actually controls everything else, is confusing. The spiritual controls everything else- your profession, academics, finances, relationships, everything!
This is why it is very important to have a personal relationship with God. If you do not work hand in hand with God concerning your life, then all those other spiritual forces will gladly help you to run your life. Stop living your life on your own knowledge, it will not take you far.
I once asked a friend, “I hope God is in your equation.” And he replied, “God is my equation.” No matter what you do, if you do not involve God, it is bound to fail.
I ask you today, is God in your equation?


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