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Like the big bang, natural hair just blew up in our faces. It was once considered old fashioned, and something for the over-spiritual sisters but somehow, it became repackaged and fashionable so much so that many ladies who had relaxed hair cut their hair and “went natural”.
One of the YouTube channels I love, and follow is The Ngee Show, anchored by Ngozi. As she said in one of her webisodes, some people have turned this whole natural hair of a thing to a fight where you take sides. I don’t get this. If you love natural hair,do it, but don’t think it makes you better than those who have relaxed hair. Calm down, nobody’s fighting you!
Anyway, before I digress further, let me get to the main point. I have natural hair; I have never relaxed my hair, ever. I plan to, though, to have a taste of the ‘other side’. I am not very much into natural hair creams, fruit concoctions and other stuffs, i’ll let you know when I do. I do my best to take care of hair though. So for people like me who do not have the interest, time, or money for ‘naturalista concoctions’, here are a few tips to keep your hair healthy.
•Never Expose Your Hair For Too Long

Never, ever, ever!
I made this mistake when I was 100 level and I still regret it till today. I removed a weave, and unsure of what hairstyle to make next, I went to class with an Afro. People really liked my hair and made nice comments, so I kept the Afro…for months. Gradually, my hair shrank. I attributed it to the heat, because my hair curls up in hot weather. When I plaited my hair and loosened it, it stretched out again. However, the length reduced every time. By the time I realised my mistake, my hair was no longer long, it was about a quarter of its former length.

I almost cried. My only consolation was that a couple of girls in my hall of residence cut their hair and went natural after I did the Afro.
•Don’t Wear Weaves For Too Long.
When we don’t want to be bothered with having to choose hairstyles, we often go for weaves, and wear them for about three weeks, a month, or two! You should not wear your weaves for too long. Apart from the fact that your hair will smell, it will also be weakened from lack of exposure. It is not only your skin and nails that need vitamin D, your hair does too.
•Don’t Make Your Braids Too Tight
This is very simple, but very essential too. Making hair too tight causes you to lose your hair, and also causes you to have wounds on your scalp.
If there are any more tips you know, please feel free to share them with me in the comments. Have a lovely day!



    • Hmmm! Now Jade, that is a tricky question. Your hair is one of the few relaxed ones I REALLY love and admire. The choice to cut it is up to you though, (so that just in case you don’t like it when you cut it, you won’t say it was Dunni who asked you to cut it. *winks*)


  1. Your fro is lovely though 😍 Natural hair is not by force jare. Some people take it so serious as if they’re getting paid to be natural. If you want to be natural, be natural. It’s not as if relaxed people are any less human than we are. Natural hair rocks though! And huh, thanks for the tips. I’m such a lazy naturalist.


    • You’re welcome. But err, lazy naturalist? I once saw you at Heritage park with a group of other naturalistas, and I thought you were having a hair meet up. I love how you style your hair, could you spare a few tips? Maybe in a post?
      And thanks for complimenting my Afro! *blushing*
      P.S: Thanks for following my blog!!!!! You’re my first follower! I really appreciate it! Thank you!!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I had no idea that exposing your hair for so long would have an adverse affect sha. Me Im just patiently waiting for my fro to grow enough to put it in a cute little bun. Yeah I don’t get the whole natural hair feeling like they have to pick sides, I will say this tho perming has adverse affects on one’s overall health in general. So that may be where the disdain comes from?

    Thanks for sharing!


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