Hello there! I’m sorry I could not post yesterday. There has been no light on my street and the whole community in fact, for about a month. I have been running on my neighbour’s generator, and there was no fuel yesterday.

And speaking of light, believe it or not, but UP NEPA!!!!!!!! The whole street is agog, people are yelling like crazy. I would have joined them in yelling, but I’m in my mum’s shop, manning it. If I join the celebration and goods disappear nko? If I was at home, I would have done my share of screaming and jumping. Don’t give me that look. Don’t you yell up nepa too when your light is restored after a long time? Ha ha. I have missed having electricity, chai!

All this while that there hasn’t been light, I became a pro at managing my phone’s power. It pained me when people I wanted to chat with were online but my phone was about to die. One day, I was chatting with a friend, and I told him I had to go because my battery was low. He laughed and said I should move in with him because he had light at his place constantly. It was annoying when people told me they had light. I am glad that it was not only my house that was affected by the light issue. I don’t know about you o, but I hate it when there’s light on the street, or even in the house next door, and there’s no light in my house. Anytime such happens, I would pray for the light to go off so that we could all be in darkness. He he!

It has happened to me several times that as I’m coming home from school, work, or wherever, I would see light and jubilate inside of me. Then, when I got home, there would be no light. Confused, I would ask, “Shey you people don’t know there’s light?” and even turn on the switch. They would then give me the dreaded response, “It just went off.” Or, “Our light is bad.” It always made me want to cry. Has that ever happened to you? Ah! I hate it!

Anyway, thank God the light is back. I pray it will be stable and not go bad again. My next post will soon be on, let me stop typing and go charge. Thanks for reading!


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