Coming down
Taking off the gown
Stopping the show of the clown
Oh, my soul is about to drown

In my very deep anguish
I feel like I’m writing rubbish
You think you’re reading gibberish
But my soul is feverish

I feel very empty
I know that’s risky
But look at the nitty-gritty
And see, I’m not feeling witty

Feeling melancholy
Come on, it’s not an anomaly
That’s my description temperamentally
And it’s not at all jolly

Heartburn is not just a feeling
It’s a sign of a needing
Not just of water for drinking
But of the heart for soothing

Slowly, the lump rises
The heart really wishes
To break into pieces
But the soul has strong meshes

I want to cry out
Without covering my mouth
Open the floodgates, let the tears flow
Let the pain out, let it all go

I’m tired of covering up
My weeping heart
With a sweet smile and ‘What’s up?’
I want to set things right

So, my dear heart, calm down
Because I’m coming down
I’ve taken off the gown
And stopped the show of the clown.


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