We have all watched movies where a person places a gift next to their partner (wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend) on the pillow and the person for whom the gift is intended wakes up and immediately sees the gift/note/ring etc. I can give examples of movies where I’ve seen this happen. The foremost example in my mind is The Fault In Our Stars where Hazel Grace wrote a note to “Virgin boy with one leg”.
Why does that only happen in movies? Why is it that characters in movies always seem to sleep in a coordinated manner?

I mean, how can people wake up and immediately see their gift when in real life, the person may roll upon their gift and crush it, or even sweep it off the bed in their sleep? He he! And now that I think about it, I realise that my parents are not quite used to this funny way of giving gifts. For instance, I once wrote a note to my mum on the morning of her birthday years ago, and set it on her slippers at the foot of her bed with the hope that she would see it as she got off the bed. The note was supposed to lead her to other notes placed strategically around the house. Instead of smiling and picking up the note to read, as in movies, my mum simply kicked the note aside and wore her slippers. What with us having the habit of sleeping and reading on her bed, she must have thought one of us had dropped the paper. When I asked her about it later, she laughed and said she did not know it was a note for her. I had to go back and bring the note to her myself, when she was supposed to have discovered it herself. I guess I don’t have to tell you that she did not see the other notes either. I had to bring those ones too. πŸ™‚

And what of my dad? Chai! We bought him gifts last week, cleared his bed, and placed the package in the middle of his bed. When he arrived, he just moved the whole thing aside and lay on the bed. On checking it later, he called one of my brothers and asked, “Who forgot this thing on my bed?” This was despite the fact that there was a handmade card (made by me and my youngest brother) in the package. When he was told that the package was for him, he smiled and said he was sure he had not bought anything. He obviously thought we were playing a prank on him. I could not help but laugh.

Before I forget why I started writing jare…I have come to realise, in a small but funny way, that movies do not always portray life as it really is. This is just one of many examples.
So, tell me, do you know anyone who also proves movies wrong, not just in the area of gifts, but in general?


5 thoughts on “MOVIES vs REAL LIFE

  1. Film Tricks!

    Lol @ “sleep in a coordinated manner” and wake up looking so fresh and dewy first thing in the morning. Not so in real life.

    Some people fall into the trap of pining for the fantasy portrayed in movies, forgetting to face reality and live the best version of their life.

    Ah, your parents are hilarious, I love your idea of hiding the gift, pleasant surprises are always nice. πŸ™‚

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  2. hahahahha I can see you guys love dramatic gift giving procedures. so cuteeeeeee

    cant really, at the moment, think of something that doesn’t tally in real life as portrayed in the movies, but I know Im one of those that complainnnnnnnnn


  3. well, I just read this your post and I love the idea of the gift thing with your parents. I guess I’d try it too.
    Now to the movies…. I remember times when I saw some where one of the actress had the same hairstyle throughout!πŸ˜‰

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  4. Talk about that! I’ve seen a movie where the actress had the same hairstyle from when she was a young lady till she became a grandmother! Chai!
    Thank you for reading, and commenting, Dara. Thank you!


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