I lost my purse yesterday evening. I went to the library to read and from there, I went for Bible study. I enjoyed it, and even asked questions. We were taught about ‘The Levels of Spiritual Growth In God’s Family’. According to 1 John 2:12-14, in God’s family, there are children, young men [or women ;)] and fathers [or mothers]. We were taught that while children of God are still shallow in the knowledge of God, and yet to experience the breaking of their flesh; young men/women are full of the word of God, they have experienced the brokenness brought about by surrendering the totality of oneself to God; and fathers/mothers have built stature and stamina in God, they have a deep knowledge of God, and they act as a shepherd to those who are yet to reach that level.

My question was about whether one can ever fully attain the full stature of God. I was answered in the affirmative and also given Bible references. You can check out Ephesians 3:19 and 4:11-13 for more details on that. Near the end of the service, as the offering basket was passed round, I put my hand in my bag to pull out my purse but I did not find it.

Now, I had taken my roommate’s backpack to school and it has many compartments, so I assumed the purse was in one of the compartments. I kept checking, I was even munching popcorn as I did so. (I had not eaten lunch, and I reckoned I could eat since the service was almost over. The lady next to me called me “Elébi”, which indirectly means my hunger was controlling me, but I did not mind. I was hungry.) 🙂 When I went through the whole bag and still did not find my purse, I almost screamed. ‘Kia kia’, I stopped chewing the popcorn, and went back to check the bag again, more thoroughly this time. I tried to hide my panic as I did so. I still did not find my purse.

I began to think back to when I had gone to the library. Yes, I had taken the purse out of my bag before putting the bag in the cloakroom; no, I did not remember seeing it on my table while reading: and no, I did not remember taking it out with me.

I closed my bag and stood. The lady next to me asked me if I was leaving and I forced a smile and said yes. As I walked out, my pulse pounding in my ears, I checked the time and it was 8:25pm. I rushed towards the library and prayed it would not be locked. On normal days, it is locked at 9pm but when there’s no light and no fuel for the generator, it is locked by 7pm.

As I rushed to the library, I thought of all the things in the purse- my ATM card, my school I.D card, my library ticket, some documents, my passport photographs, and twenty naira. I thought of all the processes I would have to go through to get new I.D cards- getting a police report, going to the school security office to lodge a complaint, lodging a complaint at Student Affairs, getting a letter from my Head of Department, paying some amount of money- and I wanted to cry.

It crossed my mind that I always return lost items when I find them, or report them to the appropriate people; Karma should be in my favour and I should find my purse, no? But then, it also crossed my mind that honest people also get their things lost,and also get robbed, and I told myself not to be too hopeful.

As I neared the library, I don’t know how it happened, but I just got calm. I assured myself that I would find my purse, and even if I did not find it, well, I would get another one, despite all the rigour involved. It would just be a matter of time. I knew God would help me. I told myself that honest people still exist, and someone would find my purse and drop it at the reception, or better still, I would find it where I left it.

I climbed the stairs in a hurry, rehearsing what I would say to the library officials. When I entered the library, I did not have to say anything because there at the reception, lying on its side, was my purse. I sighed in relief. I greeted the man and told him about the purse. He asked me to mention the things inside, and when I did, he pulled out a logbook for lost and found items and asked me to fill it. Another man came and asked me why it was twenty naira that was left in the purse and I smiled- a real smile this time- as I told him that I had no money. I don’t like to put all of my money in one place, so I usually put some in my purse, some in my pocket, and some in my bag. However, yesterday, apart from the twenty naira in my purse, I only had twenty naira in my bag. Economic situation of Nigeria, ehn? 🙂

I was given the phone number of the lady who found my purse and I called her as I walked out of the library and thanked her profusely, showering her with prayers. Oh, I was so relieved and grateful; I wish I could see her and hug her tightly! She saved me a whole lot of headache. Her name is Ayomikun, and even though I do not know her, and I have never seen her, I deeply appreciate her.

The purse used to be for my mum, and she used it when she was still a student in the higher institution. There was even a question paper from one of her exams in the purse. In short, the purse means a lot to me, and holds a lot of memories, but that is a story for another day.

My purse.

Miss Ayomikun, if you ever read this, I want you to know that I am really grateful. You are evidence that honest people still do exist.
I dedicate this to you!

‘Kia kia’- A Yorùbá saying that means ‘quickly’.

Thank you for reading!
P.S: I might not post for some time, because exams are starting soon. The seven week strike got called off and we were called back to resume on the 15th of this month. Lectures continued last Monday, and there’s not much time to blog. Please bear with me, and don’t forget me! 🙂



  1. Yes, full stature of God. When we continually seek God, we get to know Him more. And just like our friends rub off on us, He rubs off on us too! The closer we get to Him, the more we become like Him. Hence, “attaining the full stature of God.”
    Thanks for stopping by.


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