I remember something I wrote some months ago about etiquette. Some people who read it said it was too honest, too blunt, even bordering on harsh. I read it over and over again but did not think so. Anyway, forget the story, one of the rules of etiquette I mentioned was about how one should act around people when suffering from a cold. I said that one should move away from people to blow your nose, especially if you have a lot of mucus. I also talked about not dragging mucus noisily from your lungs when around people as it can be quite irritating.

When I wrote this post, I was in one of the offices in the Student Union Building, sitting with a couple of other girls, and I had a cold. I sneezed a couple of times and then blew my nose. After blowing my nose, I suddenly remembered my article and smiled to myself. Later, when I had to blow my nose again, I bowed my head to do it- I did not want to go outside the office because it was raining and it was really cold. I thought, “Madam Dunni! You preached about etiquette, and now you’re breaching one of them!”

Later, when I had a call, I picked it and started to talk. However, another rule of etiquette I had read somewhere dropped in my head, about getting up and leaving to make your call when you are amidst people, so, I got up and walked out of the office. Even if I had breached the first etiquette, I could obey the second one and maybe make up for the first one, no? He he! 😉

And speaking of “easier said than done”, when I started my blog, I remember promising myself that it would not end up like many other dormant blogs I had seen. I told myself that I would do my best to always post something-and not just anything, but something worth reading.

Trust me, it is not because I am not committed to my blog- I love my blog, it’s like my baby, and I’m putting my best into it- neither is it because I’m lazy. Let’s just say that things are very tight now. I know, I know, “If you love something, you’ll create time for it”…but do you also remember a saying about challenges rising when you are doing something good…something along those lines? Well, that’s sort of what is going on right now.

It was very easy to make plans, back then when I was still basking in the euphoria of creating my own blog. Now, the euphoria has faded somewhat, and I am left with the serious business and “logistics” *wink* It hurts me everyday that passes that I don’t have a post. Now I know that it is easier said than done.

So, if you’ve been wondering where Dunni has been, that’s my story. If you are going through something similar, well, that makes two of us. *wicked grin* Please do not give up. Remember, doing anything good, anything of value, takes effort, and is easier said than done. So, hang in there, keep writing, and don’t give up. Enioladunni promises to be better now. He he…easier said than done, no?

Tell me about some of the rules of etiquette you have breached in the past, will you? Have a lovely month!


6 thoughts on “EASIER SAID THAN DONE

  1. I break the phone call rule almost everyday. But I usually say excuse me before picking the call. And I’m so bad at interrupting people when talking like my opinion must be heard. It can be so rude I know. How are you dear? Fine I hope. Ciao!

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  2. One rule of etiquette I’ve broken occasionally is picking my nose in public… it seems to be lovely and hard to resist when doing it…it might sound so eewwwwishh but a lot of us do it without realising.


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