Dear old friend, I heard your arrival tone
Phroom, phfum, hum,hum
Like an out of tune bass guitar
Want to give me a hug?
Like you are used to?
Well, I don’t know
Surprise, surprise
A little thin layer of netting stands between you and I
And it says:
No hug for me today
Don’t feel bad
It’s not as if I don’t like your ring tone or the flap of your wings
I just get tired of your deadly hugs and kisses.

Two days ago, I was down here shivering like a leaf in the wind
My head, running around in circles
Like someone was testing a sledge hammer on my cranium
My body system going haywire
Brain gone AWOL
Every part out of control
Suffering from the tremendous amount of plasmodium
That you managed to deposit in my blood.

I see you nodding your head
You seem to understand what I mean
But the cost of friendship with you seems too heavy for me
I see you shaking your head
You don’t like what I am saying
No problem
You can take your leave
And never come back
Because the next time I hear or see you around
I am going for a mosquito coil.



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