Your girth is a cause for marvel
In the glory of God, you cause one to revel
Covering up the nakedness of many
Shielding from the aided eyes of the microscop-ists
Your arms, spread out
The hardworking soldiers of the book of Proverbs
Traverse your feet all day long
Polythene and plastic randomly positioned by rain, adorn your surroundings

When the cleaners clean the toilets
And keep the keys
When our bladders fill to bursting
From holding piss
You are the refreshing outlet
That gives our bodies peace
I often imagine the ground beneath you
Perhaps shaped like an urn
Collecting our urine
Like a school urinal
Unlike our own toilets,
Which are beautifully non-functional
I salute your holding capacity
I just pray
That you do not fill to bursting
With our urine
Just like our bladders when we are pressed
I do not know your name
But I call you Urna
This is an ode to you
Giant tree behind my department.

P.S: I checked the tree thoroughly and saw a name tag. Its name is Adansonia digitata. Its common name is Baobab.


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