It’s a rainy day. I woke up to heavy rain, took a deep breath, and hugged myself as I opened and closed my eyes repeatedly. More sleep? Or should I start my day? 🙂 This is what the strike has turned me into, and I am loving it. He he! After all the stress of school in the past few months, I am glad for some rest.

I remember talking to my room mate some days before the strike, about how I longed for a rainy, lazy day. The kind of day where you wake up to rain, and you have nowhere to go, and so you just lie in bed and read a book;

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or you continue sleeping…

When you finally get up, you take your bath (or not) 😉 , and eat a slow breakfast; not the noodles or whatever that you hastily gulp on school days before rushing to go listen to a boring lecture. The only hitch in a slow day such as this is that by the time I have breakfast, everyone else has had theirs, and most of the choice meat or fish is gone from the soup. Today, when I opened the pot, some stupid looking fish stared at me, and I stared back and said, “Hello!” before scooping some onto my plate.

I am currently listening to Wasiu Àyìndé K1’s Orín D’owó, and it perfectly fits the mood of the day. Slow tempo, nice melody…Eh ehn, as I was saying, the strike has changed my routine somewhat and, unlike many of my friends who are complaining, I have embraced the strike and all it has brought with it. I absolutely did not want the strike before, but now, I have realised that we are already on strike, and no amount of blame-shifting will change anything. I would have loved to work on my project in the meantime but since His Eminence, my supervisor is not reachable, not to talk of available, what will I do? Look, strike or no strike, time will be spent, so you might as well just make the best use of this free time you have. Even Wasiu Àyìndé agrees, and says, “Walahi talahi Àyìndé o, mo folóhun búra òrò ni!…béè náàni!” 🙂 While in school, we were always complaining, agitating for a little time, just to rest, and do something apart from academics. Well, this is it, use it.

Yes, thanks to the strike, there is finally some space in my head for creativity, and I can face my blog again. The joy I derive from my blog is inexplicable. It is the kind that makes me so happy that I just dance spontaneously, like I did this morning in the living room while still wrapped in my towel, dripping from my bath; thereby leaving a temporary mark of my silliness on the floor- in form of a wet patch. 🙂

My new routine, thanks to the strike, is something like this;
*Wake up late, around 7 or 7:30
*Pray, and study Scriptures
*Check my messages (chats, texts, emails)
*Read some blog posts
*Take my bath
*Have breakfast (10:30-11am) and read a book while eating
*Sew (12-4pm) This is usually interspersed with short breaks to read more blog posts
*Write (4-6:30pm)
*Cook (6:30-8pm)
*Chat (8-10:30pm)…etc etc…

I’ve not really been reading my school books. I was reading at first, then when I still had the break planned in my head-rest for the first two weeks, then study for the remaining five weeks-but after I heard of the impending ASUU strike of July 1, I just stopped. The only academic thing I have been reading is some projects of past students, and I’ve been writing my literature review. Humph!

It’s a lazy day, but unlike Bruno Mars, I feel like doing a lot. I want to write, and sew…but before that, I’m going to dance to some K1 music. “Yasin yasin yasin yasin…waduwe waduwe waduwe…million million…” 🙂 Do have a productive day. Thank you for reading!


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