They file in, in a straight line, their leather flip-flops slapping against the tiled floor. Heads, mine included, slowly raise from studying books to look at them. They are four girls, dressed in black and white alternatively. The first and third girl are in black, the second girl is in white, and the fourth girl is in black and white stripes. Some of us who recognise them smile. These same girls were here yesterday, although they were five then; and had been dressed in black and yellow alternatively. They had also walked in, in a single line; yellow, black, yellow, black, and yellow, bringing to my mind the image of a bee. 😉

We had smiled yesterday too, wondering if their dressing was intentional or purely by accident.

Many people have come into the Third Floor East section of Kenneth Dike Library today, and have turned back, disappointed to find all the spaces occupied. But these girls, they catch everyone’s attention with their walking arrangement and dress code, and the way they seem to draw confidence from being together; and make one word flash in most minds, “FRESHERS!” The way they cluster like a brood of chickens is so funny. It’s particularly funny to me because I have always been a loner. These kind of associations where you have to wait for other people before you can go anywhere amuses me.

Hello there. It’s a rainy day again, just like yesterday and the day before that, but I dared not lie in bed and read a random book (like I did in my post Lazy Day). Nope! 😉 School has resumed and exams have started. My routine has changed from what it previously was. Since I resumed, my new routine has been majorly to get to the library as soon as it opens at 8am, and read till evenings. I only read non-academic books now, shortly before going to bed. If I continue with my previous routine, then, my grades, and my hope of graduating this year would just have to “sémpé” like the old women in Wasiu Àyìndé K1’s song. 🙂

It’s a busy day, I just came back to the library from writing a test. These girls gave me a little break to stretch my neck and smile, and even inspired this post. Today, their dress code today reminded me of black and white carpet tiles, or a chessboard. 🙂

What were you like as a freshman? A loner, or a…what’s the opposite of a loner? A symbiont? A clique-lover? Which were you?

Thank you for reading.

*sempe- Nigerian slang meaning to cool down, or hold on for some time.
Photo credit: Google.com


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