Who Am I?

I am a jack of many trades who is striving to be master of them all because, who says we have to stick to being master of one trade?

I am a South western Nigerian who is pursuing a Masters Degree in Epidemiology and Medical Statistics. When I am not working on that, I am creating content for a digital marketing agency I work for, or working as a Prose Editor for an online literary magazine. I also run a fashion business by the side. That, and this blog, are my pets. 

I read hungrily and I write feverishly. When I am not doing any of these, I am either sewing or studying. I am lowkey obsessed about making the best use of my time on earth because, its just one life!

I hope to be a better blogger, tailor, writer, epidemiologist, and whatever else I decide to do later on. 😊

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope know you’ll have fun here.😜





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